How To Cancel A Print Job On Your Hp Printer?

If You Want To Cancel A Print On Your Hp Printer jobs are the tasks that are assigned to the printer via your computer/device by you. There can be several reasons to cancel a print job. Here are some of the reasons why one could cancel a print job-

Why should you Cancel A Print Job On Your Hp Printer?

  • A Cancel A Print On Your Hp Printer if you don’t require the said prints anymore.
  • A mistake in the number of print commands provided can be a reason to cancel a print job.
  • An improper or mistaken command for a nonrelevant document can be a reason to cancel a print job.

How to Cancel A Print On Your Hp Printer ?

If you wish to Cancel A Print On Your Hp Printer here are some of the methods/ways to do so. Through these methods, you can cancel a print job from the printer’s control panel, your Windows 10 pc, or mobile device (android/iPhone) through which the command was provided. Steps are-

  1. Printer’s control panel (Cancel A Print On Your Hp Printer)

-In the case of a non-touchscreen printer simply press the cancel button present on the panel of your printer.

-In the case of a touchscreen printer press the “X”, “Stop” or “Cancel” button.

 -In case the print job is not canceled through this method follow the next step.

2) Reinstall the Printer Driver- Drivers are an important part of any hardware component to operate. If you have tried the above method and still the print jobs aren’t canceled it is highly likely that the issue is with the drivers. The drivers can be updated in two ways – manually and automatically. Let’s look at the ways to update your printer’s drivers-

  • Manually update drivers- The majority of the big names in printing industries including Hp, regularly provide updated drivers which helps to correct existing mistakes and improve performance. These drivers are available on the official website of the said company( Hp official site in our case). You can find the drivers under the help or download segment of the website.
  • Automatically update drivers- check the update segment on your device it would show if there is an available update to your driver select it and it will download automatically and update it over the existing one.

3) Delete Print Queue- there are three ways in which you delete the print Queue of your printer these are-

  • Restarting spooler print service

-Open the “Run” box by pressing the” window logo” key + “R” key together open the “Run” box.

-Type “services.msc”, press the “enter” key.

-Right click on the spooler to stop it.

 -Open your file explorer and clear this folder – C: WindowsSystem32spoolPrinters.

-Now in the services window, right-click on “Print Spooler” and select “Start”

 Now all the print jobs should be deleted and you can resume printing normally.

How to Cancel A Print On Your Hp Printer on job print?

  • Use Command Prompt to clear stuck files – A command prompt is a great way of troubleshooting errors within your computer. The steps to be followed are-

-Type command in your search bar and open it

-Type net stop spooler then press “Enter“.

-Type del %systemroot%\System32\spool\printers\* /Q then press “Enter“.

-Type net start spooler then press “Enter“.

  Now you have successfully canceled all the print jobs.

  • By Making a Batch File (.bat) (Cancel A Print Job On Your Hp Printer)

A Permanent solution for clearing print queues is by creating a batch file that can be used anytime to wish to clear a print queue.

– Open Notepad or Notepad++

– Type the following in the notepad

-Spooler net start spooler stops del percent system root percent Just save the document. Take a note of where you are saving the file

– then select File > Save As

-transforms the file form to All Files

– give it a name but make sure that the extension is “.bat”

-Verify that ANSI is the encoding type.

– Finally save the document.

  Now, whenever you would want to cancel a print job simply open this file.


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