Canon was established in 1937, the headquarters of the Japanese multinational firm Canon are located in Ota, Tokyo, the business is well-known throughout the world in the electronics sector. The world’s first camera with an inbuilt microcomputer, the Canon AE-1, was released in 1976 and completely changed the photography industry.

In both the inkjet and laserjet categories, Canon printers are now thought to be the best in the business.

Unquestionably a leading company, Canon has introduced numerous items around the globe. The Canon MG7520 Printer would be the best option when looking to buy a practical printer for your workplace space. Such a printer has the capacity to deliver printouts of excellent quality quickly and conveniently. Despite having incredible features and print, scan, or fax capabilities, Canon Mg7520 does Not Print occasionally. Perhaps the Canon Mg7520 printer and the computer you are using are not properly matched. Your printer won’t print anything if the connection is set up wrong at that time.

Why Won’t My Canon Mg7520 Printer Print?

The Canon Mg7520 Not Printing issue is largely caused by a number of factors. Below is a list of the items on the list. Look at this:

  • Use of unsupported or untrusted ink cartridges.
  • When the nozzles of the printhead are clogged.
  • Defective printer drivers
  • Incorrect print settings
  • There is not enough paper in the printer tray.
  • Have chosen a paper sheet of the wrong size.
  • When the driver set up for your printer is no longer current.

Quick-Fix Techniques For Canon Mg7520 Not Printing Troubleshooting

The section below lists some effective methods of action. Therefore, by carefully following each step, you will be able to solve the Canon Mg7520 Not Printing problem. Let’s start by going through the provided problem-solving steps:

  • Check Your Printer Connection

Checking the network connection between your printer and PC at the very beginning of the process is advised. Make certain a solid connection is made.

If you connect the devices with a USB cable, try a different USB connector. This likely aids in the resolution of the Canon Mg7520 Won’t Print issue. Continue to the next solution tips if you discover that the printer connection is flawless but that the printer is still unable to print.

  • Check the Printhead Nozzle
  • Go into the printhead nozzle of your printer first.
  • Check the nozzle as necessary.
  • Make sure to test a nozzle to see if it’s obstructed.
  • To clear the blocked Printhead nozzle, use a piece of plain white tissue.

Print a test page from your Canon Mg7520 right now to see whether the printer’s printing issues have been fixed. If the issue still exists, move on to the next fix.

  • Support The Canon MG7520 Printer Settings

Verifying the settings offered in the Canon MG7520 printer’s settings section is really important. It will be challenging to print anything if the printer’s settings are adjusted in an unsuitable way. If your printer settings are incorrect, the printer won’t print anything. Do it accordingly, then print your important paper with joy.

  • Check the Paper Size

The size of the paper that has previously been loaded into the Canon Mg7520 Printer must be checked and confirmed. Follow these steps-

  • Open your printer’s paper lid with caution.
  • Look at the size of the paper.
  • Ensure that the A-4-size sheet is placed in the tray.
  • Make sure the input tray is loaded with an adequate number of A4-sized plain white paper.
  • Let’s print again after making sure that there is a stack of plain white paper. If the Canon Mg7520 Printer is still not printing, move on to the next solution.
  • Make Sure to Use Genuine Ink Cartridges (Solving Guide No. 5)
  • Make sure to always refill a genuine ink cartridge.
  • Install a newer ink cartridge if you want to get a high-quality print


A print task can now be started more frequently.

Advanced Troubleshooting Steps To Fix The Canon Mg7520 Not Printing Issue

  • Use the automatic cleaning features.
  • Change a low or empty cartridge.
  • Firmware and driver updates.
  • Correctly align the printer.
  • Get rid of the paper jam.
  • Take out a ripped piece of paper.
  • Pull the paper that is caught in the paper tray out a little bit.
  • Download the most recent printer driver release, and install it.
  • Make sure the printer settings window is open.

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