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HOW TO Clean Heads In Epson Printer ?

Is your Clean Heads In Epson Printer out faint images, skipping lines or is streaking your image with lines ? Chances are you have clogged the printer nozzle. This problem is unavoidable and hence very common. Clogging in the printer heads arises due to small amounts of ink residues which dry up over time and get collected in the printer nozzle.

Even if you have been judicious about replacing the cartridges promptly, you still may end up with a clogged nozzle for a different reason.

CAUSES OF CLOGS for Clean Heads In Epson Printer

If your printer shows any of the outputs mentioned above, one of the following might be the reasons for the same:

Step For the Clean Heads In Epson Printer….

1. You keep using empty or depleted ink cartridges which might result in the formation of air bubbles, hence clogging the printer nozzle.

2. You don’t use the printer regularly which results in the drying up of ink and collection of ink in the nozzle.

3. You don’t turn off your printer which causes the drying up and collecting of ink in the nozzle.

Having the information about causes of clogged print heads can help you in taking the essential steps to prevent them from happening. If you are already encountering one of these causes, the solution is to clean the printheads which makes sure the ink is delivered properly.

WAYS TO Clean Heads In Epson Printer

The first and foremost step that you need to take to clean your printhead is to check your nozzles and run mini-cleaning cycles which commence inherently when you turn your printer ON. If that does not work for you, try using one of the methods mentioned below:

1.Cleaning Cycles

Epson printers, by default come with a very potent cleaning cycle that usually clears the nozzle out in maximum two cycles. Here’s how you can initiate a cleaning cycle:

  • First of all, make sure that the printer isn’t showing any errors on the display screen.
  • Now, press the “home” button and choose the “setup” menu.
  • Scroll down and select “maintenance”.
  • Select “printhead nozzle check”. This causes your printer to print a page with four colored grids which are intended to illustrate which nozzles are blocked.
  • If you don’t encounter any gaps, press done.
  • If you encounter gaps or some lines are faint, select the “Clean Heads In Epson Printer” option and continue.

Please make sure that you do not turn off your printer while a cleaning cycle is running. Doing so might cause permanent damage.

2. Cleaning your printhead manually

If the above method does not solve your issue, you can clean your printhead manually using one of the following methods:

  • Clean Sponges with Distilled Water

1.Take out the sponges from the printer which store ink from the cartridges.

2. Use an eyedropper or plastic syringe and saturate the sponges with Distilled water.

3. Let the distilled water sink it and set for at least 15 minutes.

4. After completing the above process, try printing color and text dense pages to check if the problem is still persisting.

  • Distilled water ink port

1.Ink ports are small cone shaped indents found when the printer cartridge is removed.

2. There should be one for each color/ black ink cartridge.

3. Put a couple of drops of distilled water using a syringe into the respective ink ports.

4. Replace ink cartridges and then wait for the printer to set up new cartridges.

5. Test the method by printing six to eight pages. If the problem still persists, use the next option.

  • Cleaning the printhead with paper towels
  • Turn your printer off.
  • Open your printer and look for the rubber roller.
  • Secure the paper towel to the roller using tape and put drops of distilled water in it and let it rest for 15 minutes at least.
  • Repeat the procedure by replacing the towels until you start to see individual colors for each ink port.
  • Turn your printer back on and test it by printing a color and text dense image.


After trying out the above mentioned methods, if you are still facing the same issue with your printer, feel free to reach out to our team of technicians who will further guide you regarding your concerned problem.


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  2. The post shows how the printer head can be cleaned. But sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t and if that is the case then we have to fix new printer head. We are printer service center in chennai and we have dealt with many ink tank model printers. The post was good to improve our knowledge. Thank you.

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