Enable Duplex Printing On Your Hp Printer?

How To Enable Duplex Printing On Your Hp Printer?

Duplex Printing

Duplex Printing is a new technology that helps the users to get prints on both sides of the paper thus making it easier to make huge copies. The advantages that are felt through this option are commendable as the users can save time and the hassle of providing the paper back in the printer in case of the old-school non-automatic paper collecting printer. Thus you can use duplex printing which would make you carefree from the hassle you have to do when it comes to traditional printing.

How is duplex printing beneficial for you?

In case you are wondering how duplex printing can be beneficial for you, kindly look at the following points –

  • Energy efficient- Duplex printing omits the issues when it comes to physically changing/flipping papers during a long printing assignment.
  •  Cost-effective- Duplex printing is cost-effective as it utilizes less amount of paper, thus saving you ample amount of space for other printing tasks.
  •  Hassle-free- Duplex printing promotes more data printing with higher utilization of paper thus promoting hassle-free utilization of paper.
  • Energy efficient- Duplex printing without a doubt is more energy efficient as compared to traditional printing methods

 How Does Duplex Printing work?

 A printer is a hardware component that comes with your computer, a duplex is an add-on to your existing one which exhibits dual-side printing. A duplexer apart from its hardware capabilities requires software that is easily downloadable which bridges the gap between the operating system and hardware components.

How To Setup Duplex Printing Automatically?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to enable duplex printing-

  •  Firstly, make sure to have an ample amount of paper in your paper tray.
  • Open the document you want to print and proceed by providing the print command
  • Carefully select the capable printer and select the option that states “printer capabilities” or “printer preferences.”
  • In case you find a “printing shortcut” tab that enables “print on both sides” or “two-sided printing(duplex).”
  • In case of the absence of the above-mentioned tab select the “Layout, Features” or “Finishing tab”
  • Navigate to the “Print on Both Sides” or” Two-sided printing” menu or option, then choose the binding or page flip option.
  • Select Booklet style (flip on the long edge of the paper) or,
  • Select Tablet style (flip on the short edge of the paper)
  • Click “OK”, and then select Print.
  • Now observe if the printer automatically pulls the pages back in and prints on the other side, thus exhibiting the properties of a duplex printer. In case the printer doesn’t pull the paper back in, you’ll need to continue with the steps below.
  • Now, take the printed first side pages from the output tray and then tap the stack on a flat surface to straighten out all of the pages.
  • Load the printed first side pages back into the input tray.
  • Now you can see several print drivers displayed with a relevant amount of pop-up windows on the computer, providing instructions. Kindly follow the steps mentioned in case of a pop-up display
  • If your printer is rear-loading, it is advised to flip the pages over so that the printed side is facing down, and load the bottom short edge into the printer.
  • When it comes to front-loading printers, you’ll need to load the stack printed side facing up (HP InkJets) or facing down (HP LaserJets) with the bottom edge into the printer or the top edge into the printer to assist with duplex printing.
  • Press the” Continue” option to allow the other side of the page to print.

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