If you are facing problems concerning the decision of which printer to choose, then you have come to the right place. You can easily choose from this article in which we discuss in detail the differences between Epson and Canon printers. Both of them are All-in-one category printers which promise the facilities like printing, scanning and copying etc. all in one device.

Some printer brands perform very well in the reviews and customer rating for their outstanding features and quality. Your decision making will become easier when you are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each brand where it be inkjet or laser printer.

In this article, we will test and perform the major pros and cons of different printers :

 We understand very well that each printer has its own advantages and disadvantages, here are some of the most recent comparison reviews of how printer brands like Canon, Epson and HP have represented themselves when we tested the different tasks that these devices perform.

The comparison bases to test a printer company are text quality, picture quality, cost of ink etc.


Text quality

There are a number of factors when analyzing the text quality such as – book worthy text on high quality paper,duplexer,pdf printer.

Text on high quality paper-The Canon printers such as Canon PIXMA TS6020 and Canon Pixma MG3620 did the most spectacular job when it comes to printing text on high quality paper and indeed are praise worthy for the rich book worthy text print they provided. Following Canon were the HP printers and then lastly printers

Duplexer – duplexer printers help in printing quality two-sided prints. In this segment it was Epson’s workforce WF-6590 which clearly dominated, providing equally rich and sharp prints as one-sided prints. Following  epson were canon printers and lastly HP printers.

Pdf Printer- Canon’s TS6020 printer is the best of all the three printers in this segment providing sharpest and sleekest letter forms, following Canon was Hp printers then lastly Epson printers. When it comes to graphical pdf printing HP models such as Envy 5540 and Officejet 4650 won with a clear margin followed by Epson XP-420 and then Canon MG3620

Winner of this overall segment – Canon

Best printer in this segment – canon TS6020 which prints at a speed of 9.8ppm

Photo prints

 Canon printers such as TS6020 and MG3620 were the only printers in the comparison list which provided a natural look to the prints and more saturation in red shades when compared to other printers.

 Epson printer XP-640 was noteworthy for the fine details provided and saturated color but at times provided less natural yellowish prints.

Unfortunately HP 5540 only offered a bit edge when it comes to certain details in shadow areas.

Winner of this segment – Canon

Best printer in this segment – Canon TS6020

Cost of inks-

 It is advised that Low price of ink does not simply mean a good deal when talking about the budget models ink prices. The cost of ink is highly subjected to the amount of prints one makes. Let’s now have a look at the cost analysis of the printers.

Text prints–  With standard cartridges

 Epson – about 7 cents per page

Canon-  8.3 cents per page

HP-9.2  cents per page

With High-yield Cartridges

Epson- 5 cents

Canon – 6 cents

HP-7.2 cents

Color page print– With standard cartridges

Canon-21.1 cents

Epson-22.1 cents

HP-23.3 cents

With High-yield cartridges

Canon-10.9 cents

Epson-14.8 cents

HP-18.5 cents

If you have extensive printer usage it is advised to subscribe to ink offers provided by the companies.

Winner of this segment- Canon

Best printer in this segment- Canon TS6020


 When it comes to business usage you really don’t require glossy colour prints etc but more focused on speed. In this comparison we’ll only be talking about HP and Canon printers as Epson only creates inkjet printers.

Printing speed (text)

Canon – 15.9 ppm

HP – 13.5 ppm

Printing speed (graphics)

Canon – 12.2 ppm

HP – 6.1 ppm

 *PPM refers to page per minute


Canon printers such as Canon imageclas MF229dw($300) and MF217w ($209) printed text at 3.5 cents per page with a toner worth $84 and would last about 2400 pages.

HP printers such as Pro M227fw ($200) prints text at 4.3 cents using a $64 toner and would last about 1500 pages.

Winner of laser-jet segment- Canon

Best laser jet printer- Canon MF217W


Canon printers undoubtedly have the highest rank in this comparison, out of all the printers and segments explored Canon TS6020 has been the most promising and dominating printer. If you are considering buying a printer we after the through process would recommend Canon’s devices as they provide the best attributes.

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