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What are the simple steps to uninstall HP Support Assistant?

For fixing some problems, you want to uninstall HP Support Assistant and are looking for effective solutions. Do you want to completely uninstall it and delete all of its files out of your computer system?

We will provide you with detailed instructions to completely uninstall HP Support Assistant through effective methods.

Method 1: Uninstalling HP Support Assistant via Programs and Features.

Whenever a new program gets installed on your system, it gets added to the list in Programs and Features. If you want to uninstall the program, you should go to the Programs and Features to uninstall it. Therefore, if you want to uninstall HP Support Assistant, the first solution is to uninstall it via Programs and Features.


1. Open Programs and Features. (for Windows Vista and Windows 7)

You should first Click Start,

Now, you should type uninstall a program in the Search programs and files box and then click the result.

2. For Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 operating system

You should first Open WinX menu by holding the Windows and X keys together, and then click Programs and Features.

3. Next, you should look for HP Support Assistant in the list, and then click on it and then click Uninstall to initiate the uninstallation.

Method 2: Uninstalling HP Support Assistant with its uninstaller.exe.

There are many computer programs which have an executable file named uninst000.exe or uninstall.exe or something along these lines. The users can easily find these files in the installation folder of HP Support Assistant.


a. You should first go to the installation folder of HP Support Assistant.

b. Now, you should find uninstall.exe or unins000.exe.

c. Next, you should double-click on its uninstaller and then follow the wizard to uninstall HP Support Assistant.

Method 3: Uninstalling HP Support Assistant via System Restore.

System Restore works as a useful utility that comes with Windows operating systems. It effectively helps computer users in restoring the system to a previous state and also removes programs that are interfering with the operation of the computer.

If users have created a system restore point prior to installing a program, then they can use System Restore to restore your system and completely remove the unwanted programs like HP Support Assistant. In addition, users should backup their personal files and data before doing a System Restore.

Now, do follow the below-mentioned steps: –

  1. Firstly, you should close all files and programs that are open.
  2. On the desktop, you should right-click Computer and then select Properties.
  3. Subsequently, the system window will be displayed.
  4. On the left side of the System window, you should click System protection. Next, the System Properties window will get displayed.
  5. Now, you should click System Restore and the System Restore window will be displayed.
  6. 6.   Next, you should select Choose a different restore point and then click Next.
  7. Thereafter, you should select a date and time from the list and then click Next.
  8. The users should know that all programs and drivers installed after the selected date and time might not work properly and may need to be re-installed.
  9. Thereafter, you should click Finish when the “Confirm your restore point” window appears.
  10. Finally, you should click Yes to confirm again.

Method 4: Using the Uninstall Command Displayed in the Registry.

Every time, a program gets installed on your computer, Windows will be saving its settings and information in the registry, including the uninstall command to uninstall the program. The users can try this method to uninstall HP Support Assistant. You should carefully edit the registry because any type of mistake can crash your system.

Now, do follow the below-mentioned steps: –

  1. You should first press Windows and R keys to open the Run command, and then type in reedit in the box and click OK.
  2. Now, you should navigate the following registry key and find the one of HP Support Assistant:


  • Next, you should double-click on the UninstallString value, and copy its Value Data.
  • Thereafter, you should hold Windows and R keys to open the Run command, and then paste the Value Data in the box and click OK.
  • Finally, you should follow the on-screen instructed guidelines to uninstall HP Support Assistant.

We have provided adequate information about methods to uninstall HP Support Assistant. It will help every user and if still they face any issues then they can contact our technical support team.

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