How To Troubleshoot A Lexmark Printer That Will Not Print With Vista


Generally , the issues with Lexmark or Vista printers are caused by the printer and the computer or the connection between the two. This implies that it is necessary to troubleshoot each and every possibility of a problem to minimize the impact of it on the company’s workflow.


It is important to check the connections between your printer and computer. If the device is attached via USB , try switching the port in which it is inserted to eliminate any problem associated with the port. You can also try switching your USB cable for the same. Also, make sure that the printer is connected to the power supply properly.


Reinstalling your printer from scratch re-establishes the connection between the printer and the computer, replaces any key files that may have been corrupted and may be able to solve the issue at hand. Locate the printer in the control panel and delete it by right clicking on it and choosing the “Delete” option. Then, comply with the instructions which come with the lexmark printer and reinstall it on your device.


It is a high possibility that new printer drivers have been released by Lexmark and your drivers are not up to date. Installing the latest versions of your driver improves compatibility with other devices as well. To update the drivers, navigate to the “Support and Downloads” section of the official Lexmark website to locate the correct Windows driver for your particular printer model. Once downloaded, follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation.

FURTHER TROUBLESHOOTING If you happen to face any printing problems with one particular program, then check for any updates, bug fixes for this application or try reinstalling it. If your Lexmark printer is connected with a wired or wireless network, then this is another thing to troubleshoot — ensure your network is functioning as expected and that the correct connections are in place. In addition to that, Microsoft offers an automatic troubleshooting tool which is available as a free download from its website which may help in troubleshooting

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