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Canon has established itself as the top option for companies and homes all over the world because of their fantastic printers that are powered by exceptional performance. Rarely will you find a business or a house that doesn’t trust Canon.

Despite the fact that Canon printers are known for their excellent quality, it’s typical to experience a few frequent problems with your equipment. That problem can occasionally be fixed quickly with a reset.

Therefore, if you’re a Canon user who needs a quick remedy for their printers, this detailed article will show you all the many resets you may securely carry out on your equipment. Get ready to discover how to quickly and easily reset your Canon printer!


You can put your printer back to its default settings by performing a reset. Additionally, this procedure fixes any minor or significant technical faults, such as slow printing or unresponsiveness.

All four of the various Canon printer resets will be covered in this article.

  • Ink Reset
  • Power Reset
  • Factory Reset
  • Hard Reset


A power reset is a softer reset type, but it can still work to restore your Canon gadget to its factory settings. This is how it goes:

1.Turn off your Canon printer first. Next, disconnect your gadget entirely before removing the power line from the main power source.

2.Reconnect the power cable to the outlet and switch the appliance on.

3.Attach the Ethernet cable to your Canon printer.

4.Run a test print to determine if the problem has been fixed.


A specific built-in chip in inkjet printers alerts users when the device runs out of ink and needs to be refilled. Instead of a real cartridge replacement, your Canon printer may occasionally need an ink reset. Follow these guidelines for resetting the ink to get your printer back to working order.

1.Take the ink cartridge out of your Canon printer and place it into the mechanism’s main channel.

2. Before moving on to the following step, make sure the ink cartridge’s chip is operating correctly and is in touch with the tool’s plate.

3.Gently hold the ink cartridge until you see the chip resetter’s LED light flash.

4. After that, you must take the cartridge out of the chip resetter and carry out the procedure once more with any additional ink cartridges that might also need to be reset.

5. To see if the problem has been fixed, install the ink cartridges in your Canon printer and print a test page.


By performing a hard reset, you can restore your Canon printer to its default factory settings.

Follow the given steps :

  1. First, hold down the “Stop” button on your Canon printer until you hear the alarm go off.
  2. Second: Don’t let go of the “Start” button until the alarm has flashed or rang at least 19 times.
  3. Your smartphone’s factory settings ought to be restored at this point. It is now necessary to unplug your printer’s discs from your computer network and reinstall them with the most recent drivers. Contact the manufacturer’s customer service division to find out more about the latest Canon printer drivers.
  4. Following the completion of the reinstallation process, your Canon printer will be ready to use!


The factory reset restores your printer to its factory default settings, but there are a few significant differences between the two.

Do the following :

  1. On your Canon printer, click “Setup.” Then, using the arrow keys, select “Device settings” and click “OK.”
  2. After that, select “Reset settings” and click “OK.” Find the “Reset” option, then click “OK.”
  3. Decide “Yes”. The reset of your device was successful.

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