We offer subscription-based plans with a promising condition to refund the amount in the event of failure of resolving any or all the issues related to HP Printer Support services availed by you. The refund period is valid for the first 30 days from the date of subscription. 

In the event of resolving more than two technical issues, the subscription fee will not be refunded. But in some rare cases where our HP Printer Support team agrees to refund the Subscription fees then it will be refunded with a condition that some nominal service charges will be deducted at the source while refunding the fees to the dissatisfied customer.

The refund will be eligible to those who fulfil the following conditions or come across the incidents while availing of HP Support services. These are:

  1. To fulfil all the fundamentals which were obligatory to resolve the problem and Issue was not determined until the time account was lively.
  2. The problem is out of reach of our support or technical team.
  3. If our subscribed customer has not completed 30 days period of our refund policy as mentioned above.

In case you have any refund or billing-related enquiry then you can visit us at :-

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+1(844) 807-0255